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Earningpals helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
How do I earn money?
We will pay you every single month $1.00 for each friend you bring to our site, 1000 friends means $1000 dollar every single month of the year! Want to earn more money just bring more friends!

You also can earn money having fun in Earningpals:

 Play Games
 Watch Videos
 Post comments
 Write reviews
 Share your recipes
 Write a blog
 And much more!

We have many cool features that you will enjoy and will make you earn money while you use them, per example if you play a game you earn 1 point which is equal to $.01 cent. This is what we call Activity Points, each activity has a value of a “point” each point is equal to money, there are activities in which you can earn up to 10 points!.
But that’s not all we perform “Contests” every month, if you win you get the prize! Believe, joining Earningpals is fun and rewarding.
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